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countdown begins..10 mnths to go!

so d latest bunch of “newbies” just joined making our professors call us d “exam going batch”!! phew! d first tym i heard dis it kinda shook me up but lyk everything else, i snapped outta it…..after exactly 21 hrs (yeah it took dat long!)
all 3 of em’ are guys making me a rare entity in our already female deficient deptt..(F:M = 1:8)
dis btw is a quick post just to let u know dat i’m alive n still kicking…amidst making presentations, case reports n answering d same ol’ boring questions for my latest wide eyed super juniors..lyk “which books do we need”, “how many hrs do we need to study”, “how hard is it gonna be”…
one of d juniors never asked me ny question again after i told him i’d give him 500 bucks if he cud finish just 3 chapters from d most basic book “burkitts” after one yr…he looked at me like i got dis seat on a “handicapped quota”…..yeah yeah even i was a die hard fan of d reliance ad “kar lo duniya mutthi mein” wid stars in my eyes.. as a super determined first yr…so i can totally relate to my junior..
but my honest advice to all u fucchas – its not about how many hrs u study or how many books u’s all bout how strong ur mentally! yup all u need is mental stability to survive PG!! so even if ur not getting a thesis or LD topic or dont know how to work on power point…BREATHE!! N DONT PANIC..u have 3 long yrs to learn it all..just take li’ll baby steps n u’ll definitely get there ..u know kinda like.. “atleast reaching d stars even if ur not cut out to reach d moon!”

clap! clap! clap!
first wise words outta my mouth on dis blog! man i definitely am getting old!
i was so damn busy dis whole week.. i didnt know wat having free time felt..surprisingly it felt good! so today to treat myself i went all by myself on a 60km bus yatra via uttar pradesh parivahan nigam to a Mc Donald’s outlet (yup d nearest one is one hr away!) n stuffed myself wid mc aloo tikkis n mc puffs n ice teas..(n got atleast 3 days’ takeaways)
yeah it’s true PG makes u humble n makes u appreciate small things in life..imagine me..d laziest person on planet earth going all d way for d same “yukky” burgers i wudnt touch 2 yrs bacK! if ur a movie buff u ‘ll know where i went…it was antara mali n rajpal yadav’s home town in “main madhuri dixit banana chahti hoon”..happy guessing!

signing off
wise ol’ lady


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