exams and all that jazz!

ooooooookkkkkkkk….so frm ’10 mnths to go’ i ve come down to ‘3 mnths to go’ ..before i can come outta dis cowshed… woot!! but dis actually means dat i’ll have to go thru those life scarring exams #bleaaaaargh..
hah! so my pre univs are starting in 2 weeks and finals wud most likely b on d first week of april.

strangely and rather unfortunately for me, the proximity of my exams becomes directly proportional to my undivided attention to the most unimaginatively unimportant stuff around me…

so yes spending d last 2 hrs reading tweeets by random ppl like “dedhshaana”, “bollywoodgandu” and brace urselves “kamaal r khan” , suddenly becomes more important…

also wid d rest of d postgraduate students’ world cramming away to glory ,suddenly having dis “perfectly justifiable” urge to chat wid d maid and listening to her endless ‘onion, sex, water, marriage and electricity woes’ comes completely naturallly to me during exam times……

not to mention the post chat session of going thru my one million clothes to decide which ones to give her………… i’d have to do it anyways AFTER my exams are over….why not do it NOW n save me some time later – when my exams are actually OVER….

and i would like to believe dat i wudve been less of a sensitive angel hearted gal if i hadnt spent d next 10 mins complimenting her one year old son’s perfectly round spit bubbles….coz u see THIS is the appropriate time to be a compassionate human being or atleast pretend to b one..

also NOW is d right time to keep abreast of the latest activities… so fuck yess…THIS is the perfect time to google ‘barkha dutt nira radia’ , why the world is heading to NH7 on NYE and rahul mahajan-the wife beater.

and while u are at it ..u accidently come across d fact dat JD and Elliot frm ur fav show “scrubs’ are having a baby..whoaaaaaaaa when did dat happen? NOW is also just THE time to download n watch all of season 6………..and season 7………and season 8………..and season 9.

face in palms, i hv to confess dat i also googled ‘bipolar disorders’ and spent an hour going thru d blogs, tweets, meds, images and d famous celebs with it…while fluctuating between hypomaniac and maniac depression for wasting two very precious days on d above activities..

other “life changingly” important stuff which i did include

redialling till my fingers bled n finally getting thru’ to the idea call centre rep… n then threatening to murder her face if they didnt stop sending me ‘promotional offers’.

learning d song ‘taper jean girl’ by KOL. its my best frnz fav song n learning it NOW is a gr8 idea if i wanna be able to sing it with her after 3 months….

realizing dat im bored of beating both my male co-pgs at ‘who has more facial hair’ each n every time..so NOW is an auspicious time to go to a parlor.

updating my blog….coz wat course my life takes depends on whether or not my only two readers come back to me ..and waiting another 3 months is an unfathomably bad idea…

so yess dat pretty much sums up how i’ve been spending the first three days of 2011. my new yr resolution? PROCRASTINATE LESS, STUDY MORE N STAY ALIVE TO SEE D DAY WHEN UR OUTTA HERE!!!

signing off

an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder struggler.


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