wat’s new

herez wats happening
1. farewell to seniors wid all d emotional drama n blah blah…
2. getting our new name plates wid “final year” added next to our names..
3. finally getting deaddicted from facebook! yippee!!
4. thinking just a li’ll bit bout starting my thesis in d near future..
5.turning a blind eye to my book everytime i see it longing for my touch…true to our bhartiyaa sanskriti..i’ve decided to let it stay virgin for a li’ll longer..
6.continuing d “phool bani phoolan” mode wid my final yr students…yeah hun dats wat u get when u call a maxillary radiograph a mandibular one..
7. fighting autorun, trojan n recycler ,3 viruses dat call my lappie – “home” n spending a valuable part of my precious life formating n reformatting it.
8. Not recoiling in horror everytime i see a U.P police constable scratching his balls in d middle of d road..i mean c’mon they re just his balls n not some radioactive technetium sulfate..
9. being more familiar wid d names of mosquito repellants n kacchhhuaa coils than any of d celebrity endorsed perfumes..ALL OUT – maccharon ka yamraj being my favourite..infact i’ve inhaled so much of smoke frm these coils that d exhaled air frm my lungs wud be enuff to kill half a dozen of mosquitos..
10.resisting temptations (too inappropriate to post on my “family” site – but love lust money wud be a broader picture minus d explicit details)
11.fighting stinkier n dirtier than dirty politics…thank god for super supportive batchies….love u both mwaaah mwaah..
12.being witness to dis amazing phenomena where a normal person develops macroglossia coz of d unbelievable amount of a**licking they do…go “S—-tra”!!!
13. taking a sneek peek into d profile of dis guy u’ve liked since 7 th grade n downloading his pics…”juvenile” – i know.. but fun neverthless…
14. visiting my alma mater n getting all nostalgic n teary eyed but stopping at d right time so as not to ruin all d amazing stuff my 1000 bucks anti dark circles cream has been doing..
15. remembering all those countless days uspent cursing d system n d college n ur life …THEN…n missing it terribly…NOW….n realizing dat even though u’ve spent almost 2 yrs cribbing about where u are right now…ur gonna end up missing it anyways…


4 Responses to “wat’s new”

  1. April 4, 2010 at 9:23 am

    thanx himanshu!!

    glossary for my non-dental pals

    mandibular radiograph – xray of lower jaw
    maxillary radiograph – xray of upper jaw
    macroglossia – enlarged tongue

  2. 3 Vansh dutt
    April 5, 2010 at 10:43 am

    good work again…..

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