Oye happy happy oye!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

since this blog is about my “adventures” as a PG student lemme start this new year with this quote “PG is like a public toilet, those who’re out can’t wait to get in..n those who’re in can’t wait to get out!”

dats exactly wats happening to me right now…so in another 3 months and 12 days i’ll officially be in final year but 3 months seem like galaxies away! the reason i didnt post for so long was coz i was really really caught up wid work including one convention & a national conference.. nyways since it’s the first week of 2010 so i thot dat now is the time to make my regular annual New Year Resolutions. Next week I can begin paving hell with them as usual. so herez my list..

I will beg borrow or steal an ipod to save my ear drums from d “saat samandar”, “dhak dhak”, n “tu cheez badi hai mast” kinda songs dat are blasted out by d tempo drivers here..

Refuse to be chronically blinded by irritation from ppl (& their stuff) who dont mean a thing to me which includes my dumbwitted no good loser of a junior and his saliva balls coated moustache.

stop replying “im fine how r u” to ppl on orkut/facebook who i spent years forgetting but ended up adding anyways..

stop using profanity everytime i swing my first leg outta dat warm bed to get ready for my f***all college!

send a love letter to uttar pradesh vidyut nigam for no power cuts since last 29 hours

stop using “rice watery stool with unstoppable diarrhoea” as an excuse everytime i want a last minute urgent leave from my HOD coz he suspects ‘it’s me’ when anyone does d “gas chamber” thingie frm 3 idiots..

stop making new year resolutions from next year.

stop blaming “grihas”, “nakshatras” n “picchle janam ke paap” for not being able to go beyond the 5th line everytime i open my books.

shave my legs atleast once a year even though they’ve been clad in salwaar-kameez for d past one n half years wid just me to appreciate them in their full lustrous hairy glory.

will remember to ask a patient if shez married BEFORE asking if shez pregnant esp if ur located in one of d most conservative areas of western Uttar pradesh. Being angrily stared at by a 24 yr old gaaon ki gori who happened to have a fat abdomen…uhoh..not a great way to start a new year..

send a thanku mail to nokia and a hate mail to suraj distemper pvt ltd for d zillion dents on my room walls everytime i throw my nokia 3315 on ’em in frustration/blood boiling rage. my torchwala cell continues to be my connecting medium to d civilization.

stop using d excuse “my laptop crashed” everytime im not able to do my senior’s boring paper work.. they say in india goddess saraswati sits on ur tongue…i learnt dis fact d hard way:(

calling d canteen wala chhotu by his real name.. n not “chhotu” more often..dat ways he’ll stick to his promise of not touching his herpes labialis when he pours ur tea.

try not to roll my eyes everytime those auntyjees n unclejees try to talk ur mom into getting her “ageing” daughter married… u see coz their dollyz n preetiiz n happyz n buntyz got married when i was still in my BDS third year..

last n d most important ……..being nice to people n NOT cutting them short when they rant about their scheming daughters-in-law.. or their connections to the vidhayak of dat region.. or how much d tempowaalas charge these days,.. even though d reason why ur talking to them in d first place is coz they have sensitivity to hot and cold in their left lower third molar..
signing off

happy new year all!


5 Responses to “Oye happy happy oye!!”

  1. February 27, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    Looks like u have had / having a pretty rough time. cheer up alls not finished yet. only pray that u dont become the same when u become a guide to another unfortunate PG.

  2. 2 Vansh dutt
    March 8, 2010 at 1:29 pm

    i’ve seen the particular region…have been a lecturer(as they call a b.d.s worker just for an ego booster sake) in idst,been to d.j and passed out from subharati…let me know if it d.j or i.t.s…wt i feel is its d.j…

    i know you cannot write it up here so mail ,if you could, at dr.vansh@gmail.com.

    i m really keen to know.

    • March 8, 2010 at 2:44 pm

      i ‘ve been to both these colleges..trust me they are like vegas compared to this place..ur frm subharati..there is no restriction on bonding wid d opposite sex there..we r talking dark ages here!

  3. 4 himanshu
    March 15, 2010 at 3:54 pm


    Thanks for your commnent

  4. March 28, 2010 at 2:46 pm

    HI there, ya i am surprised too, to find few dentists blogging, but i think all off them are too busy practizing so no time for that. i agree i shud do it more often but to findin people of common interest is a rarity while half of them dont know what they want to talk about, the other half talk movies or MTV or VTV. sure i will blog more often. I like ur perspective of Post graduation and ofcourse ur Clg atmosphere is awesome (pun intended). Many campuses are the same

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