Monday, September 21, 2009

okie..so its been more than three months since i last posted something….dis may sound cliched..but time does fly!! last time this year i was a disgruntled first yr fighting politics, scary seniors, perfectionist HOD, homesickness and tuberculosis(yeah ten months of ATT phew!)… some of the things im still battling (perfectionist HOD for eg)…but life is good coz A im finally a SENIOR! & B i finally am getting d hang of d subject &

C i got to take my first lecture ever!!

so what if i had a 100 pairs of eyes staring at me jotting down my every word, joke, cough or literally any sound coming outta my mouth….
I like to think dat I hv d typical indian skin color – wh but i swear to god standing in dat lecture hall addressing a class of overenthusiastic “hey im gonna b a doctor soon” third years…. my face looked more red than a himalayan monkey’s ass..
n believe u me guys even Prabhudeva cud ve learnt a lesson or two frm me considering all d involuntary shaking movements my legs were doing..
n thank god for all d salivary secretogogues we have..they gave me hope.. coz i was pretty sure i had had a sudden onset sjogren’s syndrome since dat was d only thing dat cudve explained d overwhelming dryness of mouth at dat time!
so standing there, being on d other side of d fence for d first time , talking bout “pigmented lesions of oral cavity” thinking bout the countless professors who’d given up on me.. dis is wat my first class looked like..
there were the first bench gunners who had hands dat looked more like penstands coz they had a pen in every color to highlight d imp stuff..
n then there were d attention cravers who’d raise their hands only to make me go back to the previous slide just to make sure that i knew they existed..
n the girls who made me pray their heads wouldn’t fall off coz they were so good at nodding vigorously at everything i said.
not to forget d ones who impressed me wid their “go green save paper” funda coz they were sharing one notebook…only to be caught later playing knots n crosses..
n oyeah…d “rockstar backbenchers”..d ones who dont have ny paper or pen with an “im doing u a favor by attending ur class” attitude..to them i just wanna say..ppl ur as predictable as d bread jam my working mom used to pack in lunch box every day back in school..so try n be more convincing wid ur “im physically here” act even though mentally ur dreaming to be an overnight millionaire or being at Bahamas wid mallika sherawat or just praying dat d stupid lecturer wud stop or else u’d create history having world’s first ever stroke due to boredom…..
so while the first 15 mins were spent introducing myself, the topic & fighting the fatigue( thanx to the lecture prepration till 2 am for these thankless morons)… n finally letting it sink dat I AM THE LECTURER d one whose clothes & relationship status gets discussed bout……………. d one who gets idolized or hated……….. d one who can change lives n make ppl loathe or fall in love with their subject or wid them…..d one person who can leave an indelible mark on the minds of millions……
d rest 45 minutes went off like a dream n I may have managed to get d “backbenchers” to grace us wid their mental presence as well…
so other than taking lectures n bullying my brand new juniors..i do have time for my blog even though its wriiten b/w slurping maggi made on a heater in my 6×10 hostel room, downloading ppts for my next seminar n watching public enemies in installments on my lappie….n dats why I say … “life is good!”
happy belated teachers day !


1 Response to “THE CLASS!!”

  1. 1 vansh dutt
    February 13, 2010 at 5:43 pm

    wonderful…i smell an author.

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