For those of u who think dat all I do is whine, whine & whine on dis blog…brace urselves up guys..coz therez more whining coming ur way!! But before I do dat…rem how every cloud has a silver lining… so we have our very own silver lining in pg as well…………….CONFERENCE……. ta daaa….

Yup..IAOMR national conference..its d only time of d year when u get away wid anything n everything by just saying these 4 magical words..”preparing for conference sir!”… herez wat conference is all about

1. U r not alone

U can either go by air or by train..ppl usually prefer train coz its easy on pocket n most importantly coz it means more chuttis! N usually if it’s a national conference d entire train is full of pgs from dat branch…no wonder I kept hearing discussions on lichen planus n leukoplakias n ameloblastomas thru out my 20 hr journey from delhi to Nellore..

2. Brings out d creative genius in u …

all d practice dat u had in playing dumbcharades during ur internship will pay off now if ur not a native n have lingo probs!! So thankyou my bds batchmates for giving me movies like “dakoo haseena” n “chudail ka badla” n “sookhe naale mein behti laash” which I believe really polished my skills in expressing myself without speaking n helped me get an auto to our hotel “sundaari” in Nellore!

3. Saathi haath badaana ..

if ur like dat frog in d well like me who used to think dat only 9 of us are specializing in dis branch…conference is a wake up call…coz there are thousands baby..so u need to start working if u wanna be d best among d rest! Don’t just stick to ur gang.. mingle wid ppl from other colleges coz dis is a golden opportunity to exchange seminars n L.Ds (yeah u read it right…wat cud be better than getting a ready made L.D ! though u still have to change it acc to d whims n fancies of ur guide..but anything dat means less work in p.g is good work!) oh n it does help if ur looking good..gives u dat extra confidence in approaching strangers..so do invest in a good shopping trip before going to a conference!

4. It’s d time to disco

 N then comes d best part …. D banquet! Banquet means free unlimited booze free lipsmacking fingerlicking food n dancing non stop until d wee hours of morning! So don’t be scandalized when u c ur guides/professors doing a snake dance on shakira shakira!(I insist dat u take ur digi cam/video cam wid ya!) this cud be d only time of d year when they smile when they c u.. n treat u almost like a human! Plus u’ll c ppl sloshed n doing crazy stuff like getting on stage after getting inspired from dharmender in sholey n doing d basanti act…i forgot to mention d dress code… formals during presentations n anything ur comfortable in during banquet…. But they say it takes all kinda people to make this world… so u have babes dressed to kill! N u have some who’ll wear all d jewellery they bought in one year even if it means cervical spondylitis after d conference! N u have some who accidently turned up for d party on their way to d beach!(but d guys are not complaining!)

5. Meet d celebrities

 Remember all those people whose books u used to cram in u.g ..u get to c most of them there(br.specific)..dats when u realize dat they r normal ppl like us n not superhumans..dats wat I felt when I saw dr anil govind rao ghom sitting right in front of me during a presentation…(had to curb d urge to take an autograph…didn’t want to scare him!) n u get to meet d whoz who of ur branch..good time to make contacts ..Before u know d 3 most amazing days of d whole yr are over in a jiffy…so all’s well dat ends well right?… wrong if ur a pg! so when ur back n still have d hangover of d gala time u had in d conference..dats when u remember dat u forgot to take d pictures of each n every poster presented in d conference as was told to u by ur guide….All my new frenz from Nellore…”zindagi rahi to phir milenge!”…. ……wondering if he’ll strangle me or cut me into tiny little pieces n feed ‘em to vultures….. may my soul rest in peace! Amen!

Signing off mowgli style –“alvida doston!”


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